Holland On-Bill Loan Program



Simple, Convenient Home Improvement Financing

City of Holland homeowners have a convenient new way to pay for energy improvements with the Holland On-Bill Loan Program (OBLP) offered by the Holland Energy Fund. The first like it in Michigan, this loan program combines simple qualifying criteria, low fixed interest rates, and the convenience of payment on your Holland Board of Public Works electric bill. Borrow $5,000 to $30,000 with simple qualifications.

The program partners with Michigan Saves, a nonprofit dedicated to making energy improvements easy and affordable. The Holland On-Bill Loan Program makes it easy for homeowners to save money on their energy bills while improving the comfort, safety, health, and value of their homes.

Why Should I Participate?

Attractive Terms

Low, fixed interest rates that won’t exceed 6.99%
Borrow $5,000 – $30,000
Up to 15 years
No penalty for pre-payment

Lower Energy Costs

Efficiency upgrades will decrease your energy consumption and your utility bills.

Loan is Associated with the Property

Loan payments can transfer to the next homeowner.

Covers Many Energy Efficiency Measures

The loan covers items listed in the Michigan Energy Measures Database and renewable upgrades for qualifying houses. The OBLP can cover the remediation of pre-existing hazards or physical defects if needed to install an energy efficiency measure.

Simple to Qualify

Have twelve months on time Holland Board of Public Works bill payment history. There are no credit score or debt-to-equity ratio checks. The loan does not appear on your credit report.

Home Energy Assessment

The home energy assessment gives you an understanding of your home’s energy efficiency and provides a prescription for the necessary improvements.

Contractors are Authorized by Michigan Saves

Select your contractor from experienced, authorized professionals.

Support a Sustainable Environment

Making changes to your home now will help sustain our environment for the future, while increasing the comfort and value of your home.

Increased Home Comfort

Beat Michigan’s winter cold and summer heat with tailored solutions.

Do I Qualify?

Three Simple Requirements


Be a homeowner in the City of Holland.


Have twelve months on-time Holland Board of Public Works bill payment history.

Good Standing

Have no delinquent taxes, unsatisfied money judgments, and no bankruptcies within the last three years.

How Does it Work?

Four Simple Steps to Home Improvement

1. Energy Assessment

Select a Michigan Saves authorized contractor to determine qualifying energy improvements.

2. Loan Application

Complete an application with your contractor.

3. Plan & Upgrade

Work with your contractor to develop a plan based on the approved amount. The contractor completes the measures and paperwork.

4. On Bill Pay Back

Repay the loan through monthly payments on your Holland Board of Public works electric bill.

Get Started

First step, choose a Michigan Saves authorized contractor to conduct your energy assessment. 


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