Home Energy Education &  Retrofit

Get valuable efficiency training, up to $300 in energy saving freebies and invest in your home with comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades through Holland’s Home Energy Retrofit Program.

Save as much as $6,000 on qualified projects totalling up to $30,000 to improve the efficiency and comfort of your house, condo or apartment.



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Program Overview

The Holland Energy Fund Home Energy 101 and Rebate Program (HEF) is a City of Holland initiative that makes it easy for all homeowners, renters and landlords in Holland to reduce their energy use and utility bills while increasing the value of their homes. After completing the 60-90 minute at-home Home Energy 101 session, participants will receive FREE energy saving supplies in the mail that they can use to start saving energy.  

Participants who complete Home Energy 101 may also apply for an HEF rebate to fund more in-depth energy efficiency projects. 

Projects eligible for HEF’s 5-20% rebate program include*:

  • Home Air Sealing (20% rebate)
  • Insulation (20% rebate)
  • Heat Pump HVAC (up to $4,000)
  • Heat Pump Water Heater (up to $300)
  • Full Home Energy Audit (10% of audit costs)

*Dollar amounts and percentages apply to eligible project costs. Residents should refer to the application to review the full terms and conditions.


Why Retrofit Your Home?

Improving the energy efficiency of your home not only helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it also lowers your energy bills and increases the overall value of your home for years to come. Our entire community benefits when each of our homes in the City of Holland use energy efficiently.

Improved Home Comfort

Sealing drafts and improving the insulation of your home also improves the comfort. Some homes may also experience improvements in indoor air quality.

Lower Utility Bills

Efficiency upgrades decrease your energy consumption and lower your utility bills. The free Home Energy 101 session will help you determine which measures may be most cost-effective for your specific home.

Free Energy Saving Supplies

Get up to $300 in free energy saving supplies such as caulk, door seals, water-saving shower heads by participating in our FREE Home Energy 101 session.

Financial Incentive

Each qualified project is eligible for a 5-20%* rebate. *Rate valid through June 30, 2023.

Financing Options

Qualified projects gain access to Holland BPW’s On-Bill Loan Program. Alternatively, qualifying residents can finance through Michigan Saves for certain measures.

Environmental Sustainability

Reducing your energy consumption by improving your home’s efficiency reduces your environmental impact.

HoW It Works

Home Energy 101

Your journey to a more efficient and comfortable home starts with a 60-90 minute Home Energy 101 session along with up to $300 in free energy saving supplies. The session will be led by trained home energy adviser from local nonprofit partners.

Home Energy 101 Program & Free Supplies Overview

To fully understand your home and the opportunities to improve it, together you will:

  • Review of past utility bills to see how they compare to homes like yours in the area.
  • Identify opportunities for free energy saving supplies, which we’ll mail to you after your session including (as needed):
    • Caulk
    • Spray foam insulation
    • Weather stripping (various lengths)
    • Duct, outlet and furnace seals
    • Faucet aerators & water saving shower heads
    • Pipe wrap
    • Window air conditioner covers
    • Storm window insulation kit
    • Laser infrared temperature sensor & plug-in
      power meter
    • LED light bulbs
    • Programmable thermostat
  • Review information on how to use your energy saving supplies
  • View thermal images of your home that show where insulation or sealing is needed
  • Create an energy plan for your home

In order to apply for the Holland Energy Fund rebate, you must complete Home Energy 101.

In the case of emergency equipment replacement (e.g. water heater failure), you may complete Home Energy 101 after purchase.

After you complete Home Energy 101 and receive your free energy saving supplies, there is no obligation to continue with the HER program.

Find a Contractor & Quote the Work

After you’ve completed the Home Energy 101, if you choose to invest in additional measures to improve your home, simply select any licensed contractor to complete one or more of the rebate-eligible improvements. 

Apply for the HER Program

Submit an application to the Holland Energy Retrofit program to receive a 5-20% rebate on projects up to $30,000, saving up to $6,000 for your home energy improvements. There is no minimum project cost for this rebate, as long as the work done is included on the list of eligible upgrades and is completed by a licensed contractor.

(Optional) Apply for On-Bill Financing

In addition to the 5-20% rebate, participants can also apply for an On-Bill Loan Program with low, fixed interest rates and simple qualifying criteria as a way to finance your improvements and pay them off on your monthly electric bill.

Do the Work

Your authorized contractor will work with you to complete your qualifying home improvements. Holland Energy Fund will then send your rebate directly to the contractor.

Track Your Savings

Receive a final Energy Use Intensity (EUI) score compiled by the Holland Energy Fund team from your utility bills one year after your improvements are complete. Compare your final EUI score to the score you received during Home Energy 101 and see the savings for yourself.

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