Home Energy Retrofit

Invest in your home with comprehensive energy efficient upgrades from floor to ceiling through the Holland Home Energy Retrofit Program. Learn about energy-saving strategies and get up to 20% on qualified home upgrades. While we are currently not accepting applications, our new program launches in Fall of 2022.


Graphic of House with Improvement Callouts

Program Overview

The Holland Home Energy Retrofit Program (HER) is a City of Holland initiative that makes it easy for homeowners to reduce their energy use and utility bills while increasing the value of their homes.

Projects eligible for HER’s 20% grant rebate program must be:

  • Energy efficiency improvement projects over $10,000 for homeowners (or over $5,000 for condo owners).
  • Improvements to homes or condos within the City of Holland.
  • Completed by authorized Michigan Saves contractors.

Why get a retrofit?

Improving the energy efficiency of your home not only helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it also lowers your energy bills and increases the overall value of your home for years to come. Our entire community benefits when each of our Holland homes use energy efficiently.

Home Energy Assessment

A free home energy assessment can help find areas for improvement as you determine the best projects for your home.

Financial Incentive

Each qualified project is eligible for a 20%* rebate grant. *20% rate valid through June 30, 2022.

Financing Options

Qualified projects gain access to Holland BPW’s On-Bill Loan Program.

Covers Most Energy Efficiency Measures

HER-approved projects may include any item listed in the Michigan Energy Measures Database (MEMD) as well as renewable energy upgrades for qualifying houses.

Lower Utility Bills

Efficiency upgrades decrease your energy consumption and lower your utility bills.

Environmental Sustainability

Reducing your energy consumption through improvements to your home reduces your future environmental impact while improving the comfort of your home.


Dan Morrison, Ken Freestone, and Andrew Reynolds speak about their experiences working with the City of Holland, the Holland Board of Public Works, and contractors during their home energy retrofit processes.

Stories from Holland Energy Fund Participants

“Our house was built in 1966 and we knew it needed a few upgrades, namely windows and insulation. After being extremely impressed with the assessment done on our home, we decided to dive fully into the program. We were amazed at how fast the men worked and their level of expertise! The most noticeable change after we had the work done was how long it took for our house to cool off at night in the winter; we’d set the thermostat to 60 degrees before bed, and the house wouldn’t even get that low by morning! We are just very, very pleased with the results of this program.”

Jim, HEF Participant

“My wife and I have been in our house for over 25 years. We knew that it was old and that we’d need to make a few upgrades eventually: our windows, which were mostly original, were horrible. The house was so bad at holding heat that my wife thought we needed a new furnace! With this program, we were able to replace all of our windows, upgrade most of our exterior doors, and insulate our basement, crawlspace and attic. Our house is real tight now, noticeably less drafty. I definitely recommend this program if people are looking for resources to make their house more efficient!”

Scott, HEF Participant

HoW It Works


Select one of our Michigan Saves authorized contractors to complete a free whole-house energy assessment.

Quote & Schedule the Work

Work with your authorized contractor to find the best qualifying improvements for your home and schedule the work.

Apply for the HER Program

Submit an application to the Holland Energy Retrofit program to receive a 20% rebate grant, saving $2,000 on home projects over $10,000 and $1,000 on condo projects over $5,000.

(Optional) Apply for On-Bill Financing

Beyond the 20% rebate grant, the Holland Energy Fund also offers an On-Bill Loan Program with low, fixed interest rates and simple qualifying criteria as a way to finance your improvements.

Do the Work

Your authorized contractor will work with you to complete your qualifying home improvements. Holland Energy Fund will then send your rebate directly to the contractor.

Track Your Savings

Receive a final Energy Use Intensity (EUI) score compiled by the Holland Energy Fund team from your utility bills one year after your improvements are complete. 


While we are no longer accepting applications for the first iteration of the Home Energy Retrofit Program, we will be launching a new program this fall including education, free energy-saving home supplies and access to savings on qualified home energy projects.