Home Energy Education & Rebate Program

Get valuable efficiency training, up to $300 in energy saving freebies, and invest in your home with comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades through Holland’s Home Energy Education and Rebate Program.

Save as much as $6,000 on qualified projects to improve the efficiency and comfort of your house, condo or apartment.


Holland Energy Fund Improvements

Roof & Wall Insulation

Improve your home efficiency where it counts most; in your roof and wall insulation.


Full Home Energy Audit

Partner with the experts to identify the improvements that will make the biggest impact on efficiency and cost.


Heat Pump HVAC

Make your heating and cooling system up to three times more efficient by using an electric heat pump instead of a gas furnace.


Heat Pump Water Heater

Replace your gas or electric resistance powered water heater with a heat pump water for improved efficiency.


Air Sealing

Keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer by sealing problem areas around doors, windows, vents and more.

Program Overview

Holland Energy Fund’s Home Energy Education & Rebate Program is a City of Holland initiative that makes it easy for all homeowners, renters and landlords to reduce their energy use and utility bills while increasing the value of their homes. After completing the FREE 60-90 minute at-home Home Energy 101 session, participants will receive FREE energy saving supplies in the mail that they can use to start saving energy.

Participants who complete Home Energy 101 and live within the City of Holland limits may also apply for a HEF rebate to fund more in-depth energy efficiency projects.

Projects eligible for HEF’s 5-20% rebates include:

  • Home Air Sealing (20% of eligible project costs)
  • Insulation (20% of eligible project costs)
  • Heat Pump HVAC (up to $4,000)
  • Heat Pump Water Heater (up to $300)
  • Full Home Energy Audit (10% of audit cost)

Why Participate in Our Home Energy Education and Rebate Program

Improving the energy efficiency of your home not only helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it also lowers your energy bills and increases the overall value of your home for years to come. Our entire community benefits when each of our homes in the City of Holland use energy efficiently.

Improved Home Comfort

Sealing drafts and improving the insulation of your home also improves the comfort. Some homes may also experience improvements in indoor air quality.

Lower Utility Bills

Efficiency upgrades decrease your energy consumption and lower your utility bills. The free Home Energy 101 session will help you determine which measures may be most cost-effective for your specific home.

Free Energy Saving Supplies

Get up to $300 in free energy saving supplies such as caulk, door seals, water-saving shower heads by participating in our FREE Home Energy 101 session.

Financial Incentive

Each qualified project is eligible for a 5-20%* rebate. You may be eligible for both Holland Energy Fund and Holland BPW rebates.
*first-come, first-served while funds are available

Support Local Partners

You can select your Home Energy 101 educator from a variety of local nonprofit partners who earn compensation for their participation.

Environmental Sustainability

Reducing your energy consumption by improving your home’s efficiency reduces your environmental impact.

Home Energy 101

Want to learn more about Holland’s education program? Visit the Home Energy 101 page or register today.

HEF Rebates

Learn more about the Holland Energy Fund’s rebate program on our HEF Rebates page or apply today.