Holland Energy Fund Rebate Program

The Holland Energy Fund has partnered with the City of Holland, Holland Board of Public Works and Michigan Saves to provide opportunities to save money and/or be rewarded for investing in energy efficiency upgrades to your home.



HoW It Works

Register for Home Energy 101

Find a Contractor

After you’ve completed the Home Energy 101, if you choose to invest in additional measures to improve your home, simply select a licensed contractor to complete one or more of the rebate-eligible improvements.

Get The Work Done

Work with your authorized contractor to complete your qualifying home improvements.

Apply for the HEF Rebates

Submit an application for the Holland Energy Fund rebates (City of Holland residents only) and Holland BPW rebates to receive a 5-20% rebate on projects up to $30,000, saving up to $6,000 for your home energy improvements. There is no minimum project cost for this rebate, as long as the work done is included on the list of eligible upgrades and is completed by a licensed contractor.

Apply Today

In order to apply for Holland Energy Fund rebates, you must complete Home Energy 101. If you’ve already completed Home Energy 101, click the “Apply for Rebates” button below.

In the case of emergency equipment replacement (e.g. water heater failure), you may complete Home Energy 101 after purchase.