Home Energy 101

Sign up for Home Energy 101 to work with a home energy educator to find the best areas for utility savings and efficiency improvements at your home, apartment or condo.

This program will also identify up to $300 worth of FREE energy savings supplies to lower your utility bills, and it’s one of the prerequisites to apply for Holland Energy Fund rebates on projects like roof insulation or a home heating and cooling system.

Your journey to a more efficient and comfortable home starts with a FREE 60-90 minute Home Energy 101 session led by trained home energy educators from local nonprofit partners.


Together with Your Educator and Our Partners, You Will:

  • Review past utility bills to see how they compare to homes like yours in the area.
  • Identify opportunities for free energy saving supplies, which we’ll mail to you after your session.
  • Review information on how to use your energy saving supplies.
  • View thermal images of your home that show where insulation or sealing is needed.
  • Create an energy plan for your home.

Energy Saving Supplies List

– Caulk
– Spray foam insulation
– Weather stripping (various lengths)
– Duct, outlet and furnace seals
– Faucet aerators & water saving shower heads
– Pipe wrap
– Window air conditioner covers
– Storm window insulation kit
– Laser infrared temperature sensor & plug-in power meter
– LED light bulbs
– Programmable thermostat

Energy and Efficiency Tips & Tricks

Upon completion of your Home Energy 101 program, you will be sent a box of supplies to help address some of the efficiency and sustainability needs for your home. We want to give you some insight into how to make best use of those items:

How to Use Your Expanding Foam Spray

Installing Your Home Energy 101 Wall Gaskets

How to Use Your Magnetic Filter Cover

Installing Your Home Energy 101 Rope Caulk

How to Use Your Duct Sealing Tape

How to Use Your Rubber Weather Seal

Register Today

In order to apply for Holland Energy Fund rebates, you must complete Home Energy 101.

In the case of emergency equipment replacement (e.g. water heater failure), you may complete Home Energy 101 after purchase.

Learn More

Check out our residential energy efficiency guidebook to learn more about home energy options.