Holland Home Energy Retrofit Program


Save 20% on Home Energy Improvements

The Holland Home Energy Retrofit Program (HER) is a financial incentive offered by the Holland Energy Fund to homeowners. The program assists homeowners in making comprehensive whole-house energy improvements to their homes to reduce energy use, increase comfort and lower utility bills. Qualified City of Holland homeowners who invest in increasing the energy efficiency of their homes are eligible to receive a 20%* rebate grant from the Holland Energy Fund through the program.

*20% rate valid through June 30, 2022.


Why Should I Participate?

Financial Rewards

Each qualified project is eligible for a 20%* rebate grant.

*20% rate valid through June 30, 2022.

Financing Options

There are several options for payment, including the Holland Energy Fund’s On-Bill Loan Program. The Residential Energy Advisor can help you decide the best option.

Covers Many Energy Efficiency Measures

HER works with any item listed in the Michigan Energy Measures Database (MEMD) and renewable energy upgrades for qualifying houses.

Lower Utility Bills

Efficiency upgrades will decrease your energy consumption and your utility bills.

Home Energy Assessment

The home energy assessment gives you an understanding of your home’s energy efficiency and provides a prescription for the necessary improvements.

Contractors are Authorized by Michigan Saves

Select your contractor from experienced, authorized professionals.

Support a Sustainable Environment

Making changes to your home now will help sustain our environment for the future, while increasing the comfort and value of your home.

Do I Qualify?

Three Simple Requirements


Be a homeowner in the City of Holland.


Schedule a whole-house energy assessment and implement an energy efficiency improvement plan using an authorized contractor and equipment from the Michigan Energy Measures Database (MEMD).


Spend at least $10,000 on MEMD improvements.

How Does it Work?

Four Simple Steps to Home Improvement

1. Get Answers

Meet the Residential Energy Advisor (REA) to learn about the Home Energy Retrofit Program and start the program application process.

2. Energy Assessment

Choose a Michigan Saves authorized contractor to complete an energy assessment.

3. Plan & Upgrade

Work with the contractor and REA to select improvements and choose a payment option. The contractor will complete the project and provide a test-out report.

4. Track Savings

The REA will monitor the homeowner’s utility bills over the next year and create a final Energy Use Intensity (EUI) score.


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